"Ata was born on Maui, but his roots are sunk into the soil of Ni’ihau. His Hawaiian voice is strong, his falsetto uplifting, and his instrumental virtuosity aptly complements his vocals. His warm heart and great talent shine throughout . . ."

-- Saichi Kawahara, Kapalakiko Newsletter/Band

  • Singer: Ata’s striking falsetto styling and beautiful Hawaiian caught the ears of Keli’i Tau’a at Baldwin High School on Maui, resulting in Ata’s first recording when he was 13. His 1998 release, Valley Boys, gained enthusiastic new fans and critical acclaim.

  • Musician: Ata plays ukulele, guitar, piano/organ, and upright bass. He is an unforgettable sight with his 95-year-old upright bass of only 3 strings, two of which are green weed-whip chord!

  • Composer: His composition "Eclipse" is a local favorite, and his "Aia Ni’ihau" has been selected for inclusion in the long-awaited Kapalakiko Band CD.

  • Popular entertainer: Ata can be seen (even better, heard) singing and playing any one of his instruments at just about any Hawaiian music event around the islands and beyond. Last year he appeared at the Merrie Monarch Hula Festival in Hilo in the same month he was featured at the Kapalakiko annual concert/fundraiser in San Francisco.

  • Ni’ihau roots: Ata learned the Hawaiian language and music from his maternal grandfather, the Reverend Alfred ChuHing, as well as his deep love for the people of Ni’ihau. His Hawaiian is in the style of Ni’ihau people.

  • Teacher/healer: Ata teaches a Hawaiian language and culture class at the Maui Community Correctional Center. He has been trained as a kahuna la’au lapa’au (Hawaiian herbal healer) and shares his time generously with others as a healer and music mentor.