Holoholo Mai - Maui

A Musical Journey Around the Island
  • 20 songs about Maui places, featuring Ata Damasco, Pekelo Day, Cody Pueo Pata, Lei`ohu Ryder, and Kaiolohia Funes Smith

  • With special guests Richard Ho`opi`i, Cliff Ahue, and the 2nd and 3rd grade classes of Pa`ia School (winners of Na Mele o Maui school song competition)

  • 28-page booklet, describing each place and its song (composers’ and artists’ inspiration for the song, Hawaiian & English lyrics, anecdotes, etc.)

  • Photography by Randy Jay Braun, graphics by Na Hoku Hanohano award winner Bill Ernst

What the critics are saying:

“This beautiful compilation . . . is a perfect promotional portrait of the Valley Isle.”
John Berger, Honolulu Star-Bulletin, 6/13/03.

“A remarkable tribute to the Valley Isle . . . (and) a great way to understand and appreciate the cultural riches of Maui through the interpretation of singers and composers.”
Wayne Harada, The Honolulu Advertiser, 6/15/03

A moving tribute to Maui and its special places:

  • For those who already love Maui
  • For visitors with a desire to experience Maui on a deeper, more culturally meaningful level
  • For everyone who loves great Hawaiian music

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Song Samples

“A Musical Journey Around the Island” – the songs:

  1. He Aloha No Ku`u `Aina
    A classic “mele pana” (place song) written and performed by Cody Pueo Pata, it extolls the two mountain masses and the 12 traditional districts of the island of Maui. “The joyous melody is intended to portray and celebrate the aloha and elation that I have for the beloved island that I call home – Maui.”

  2. Na Wehi o Wailuku
    Written and performed by Ata Damasco for his home, Wailuku. One morning, when the fragrant plumerias were blooming, he found himself grateful for all of the things that were blossoming around him – especially the people of Wailuku. This song was written and recorded all in that same morning.

  3. `Iniki Malie
    This mele tells of four famous winds that occur in the central Maui communities of Waikapu, Wailuku, Waiehu, and Waihe`e. Cody Pueo Pata shows why he was the grand winner of the annual falsetto competition with his version of this traditional Maui song.

  4. Puamana
    Maui’s most famous song was written by Irmgard Farden Aluli for her family’s beloved home on the shore in Lahaina. It speaks of the whispering sea, the coconut trees and moonlight, and a home filled with love. It is performed by Laurie and Jake Rohrer and friends.

  5. Kamakani Ali`i Wahine
    Lahaina’s sacred past is honored in this lovely and moving mele written and performed by Lei`ohu Ryder. Feel the wind bring the essence of that time past as it blows down from Kahalawai to the sacred pond and island of Moku`ula.

  6. Keka`a
    This chant, written and performed by kumu hula Cliff Pali Ahue, expresses his love for this area made famous in legends of Maui the demi-god. The chant and hula are performed each evening for the torch-lighting ceremony at Pu`u Keka`a, the lava rock cliff (often called “Black Rock”) in front of the Sheraton at Ka`anapali.

  7. `Ohu`Ohu Kahakuloa
    Those driving the narrow, winding road around the western end of Maui are charmed by the remote Hawaiian village of Kahakuloa. Maui’s most famous falsetto singer, Richard Ho`opi`i of Kahakuloa, does this song just the way he remembers the kupuna (elders) singing it.

  8. Ho`okipa Paka
    Ho`okipa Beach Park is a beautiful sight as you drive past Pa`ia towards Hana. Visitors from all over the world come here to board- or wind-surf and to watch championship surfing tournaments from the overlook. The song was written by Alice Johnson in 1937 after she and her sister had spent a relaxing day at the park. It is performed for you by Laurie and Jake Rohrer and friends.

  9. Eia `O Ke`anae
    Kumu hula Pekelo Day was born and raised in Ke`anae, a lush peninsula of taro farms that provides a spectacular scenic stop for the drive to Hana. At age 13, he was the youngest person ever to win the Kamehameha Hula and Chant Competition with this chant written by Haunani Ka`uahi Judd.

  10. Kilakila A`o Ke`anae
    Pekelo Day performs this song he wrote at age 15. It was raining heavily the weekend he got his first home-pass from boarding school and sitting in the garage wondering what to do, he decided to write a song to express his aloha for Ke`anae. Ata Damasco joins Pekelo with harmony vocals.

  11. Nahiku
    This mele, written by well-known kupuna musician Mathew Kalalau, is performed by Kaiolohia Funes Smith. It speaks of the sweet fragrance of the `awapuhi melemele (yellow ginger) that grows along the road to the scenic fishing community of Nahiku. It is the debut recording of this song beloved by the residents of Hana and surrounding communities.

  12. Kaulana `O Honokalani
    Written and performed by 18-year-old Kaiolohia Funes Smith, this is a song for an area of Hana famous for its hala (pandanus) groves. Kai’s sweet falsetto stylings echo the generations of his birthplace and home, Hana, Maui.

  13. Kilakila `O Hana
    Her birthplace of Hana is honored in this mele aloha by beloved singer/composer G-Girl Keli`iho`omalu. Her nephew, Kaiolohia Funes Smith, performs it in her memory. “She was the one who always encouraged me,” says Kai.

  14. Kipahulu
    The 2nd and 3rd graders of Pa`ia School’s Hawaiian language immersion program won first place in their division with this song at the 2002 Na Mele o Maui competition. The keiki voices have captivated listeners around the world with their version of Hoku Rasmussen’s mele about Kipahulu with its beauty and hospitality to visitors.

  15. Me Ka Nani A`o Kaupo
    One’s drive around the eastern end of Maui takes you through the remote area of Kaupo. Although mostly arid ranchland today, the once-thriving community, with its shy-but-hospitable inhabitants, is celebrated in John Pi`ilani Watkins’ mele. Ata Damasco recorded the entire song in an hour, picking up each instrument in turn and adding his eloquent vocals.

  16. Palauea
    This song, written and performed by Lei`ohu Ryder, is for one of Makena’s exquisite beaches and site of a former village. It pays tribute to the area’s thriving sea life and its historical/cultural past.

  17. Kihei
    Composer Kai Davis lived in Kihei when it was a sleepy beach and fishing community. Now the area is one of the most popular tourist destinations on the island, but you can visit that earlier time and place in Cody Pueo Pata’s version of the song.

  18. Kuahiwi Nani
    “You are a beautiful mountain, Haleakala, standing there majestically,” says this song by Alice Namakelua and performed by Laurie and Jake Rohrer and friends. Also known as the “Haleakala Hula,” it was written in 1941 for the Maui float in the Kamehameha Day Parade.

  19. `Ulupalakua
    Written by John Pi`ilani Watkins and performed by Ata Damasco, this mele celebrates the land famous as Maui’s home of the paniolo (Hawaiian cowboy). It includes a rarely-recorded fourth verse about rounding up the wild cattle.

  20. Maui Loa
    Our journey around the island ends with a song of aloha and gratitude for all that Maui offers. Written by Lei`ohu Ryder and Mahilani Poepoe, it is performed by Lei`ohu.

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