Lady of the Mountain

"It’s contemporary Hawaiian music from a very ancient source. The songs represent sacred places and people. There are images of wind, of love, of aloha and light. Whether you’re Hawaiian or not, it links you to these things."

-- Lei’ohu Ryder

  • Twelve original songs, plus opening and closing "oli" (chants/prayers). These beautiful mele (songs) take the listener to a place of peace, healing, and inspiration.

  • Most of the songs are about Maui, its sacred places and the chiefesses and chiefs who brought their mana to the land. The songs honor their memories and call on their mana to bless the land once again.

  • John Berger of the Honolulu Star Bulletin says: “Lei`ohu Ryder’s fourth album should establish her as a prominent new voice in modern Hawaiian music. Give her a listen and these beautiful songs become irresistible. Ryder has an enchanting voice. The song arrangements here are consistently imaginative. An assortment of acoustic instruments enhances the overall sense of connecting with nature but also creates a cosmopolitan ambiance.”

  • Lei’ohu is the "lady of the mountain," with beloved kupuna (elder) Auntie Mahilani Poepoe by her side during the year that these songs took shape. Together they journeyed throughout the islands and beyond as they explored the spiritual side of being Hawaiian.

  • Also part of that journey was Maydeen "Kila" ‘Iao, who contributed her ukulele rhythms and styling as well as harmony vocals.

  • Various local musicians contributed violin, mandolin, pedal steel guitar, electric guitar, upright bass, and flute. Some were without background in traditional Hawaiian music but brought instead respect, desire, and a generous spirit along with their considerable musical talents.

  • The mele are wonderful for hula. Several include "ka’i" and "ho’i" (hula entrance and exit segments).

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Song Samples

“Lady of the Mountain” – the songs:
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  1. Oli: Kawahine Tapu
    Opening blessing

  2. Kamakani Ali’i Wahine
    As the wind blows down from the mountains of Maui, so flow the blessings and mana of this most sacred chiefess

  3. Ka’ula
    A tiny island near Ni’ihau gives welcome to the birds

  4. No Liliha
    A journey into ‘Iao Valley evoked this mele for the chiefess Liliha

  5. Ua Kea Kupuna Mahalani
    This song honors the spirits of the kupuna whose bones rest at Mahalani Cemetery, Maui

  6. He Ali’i O Moloka’i
    A sense of the sacred is evoked in a loving tribute to chief Kamalalawalu

  7. Ka Wahine Kapu
    The spirit lover of a chief known as Kama’ule’ule is remembered in this mele

  8. Mahilani
    The lively ukulele and mandolin provide perfect accompaniment for this mele written in honor of Auntie Mahilani Poepoe

  9. Palauea
    A cherished beach on Maui is being developed, but its sacredness, history, and beauty live on in this mele

  10. Kaha’i Ke Alaula
    A dear sister’s first-born child inspired a name-song lullaby

  11. Kanahena
    This mele honors the sacred land of Kanahena, Maui, where the chiefess Po’ohina lived

  12. Wailua Nui
    Take the time to stop and enjoy the beauty of Wailua Nui on the way to Hana, Maui

  13. Maui Loa
    Known since ancient times as Maui Loa, they were once a single island: Maui, Moloka’i, Lana’i, and Kaho’olawe

  14. Oli: Kawahine Tapu
    Closing blessing

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