Composed by Lei‘ohu Ryder
January 30, 2000

O Palauea i ka pu’uhonua
Me na waiwai nui o ke kai
Ke kali loa o ka pa’a la’a
Ka mana’o pono o ke aupuni

Ku’e ku’e Alapa’inui
Pono ia na makana
Ku’e ku’e Alapa’inui
Ho’olohe i ka leo

O Palauea ku’u home nani
Ka i’a lele o ke kai
Ka honu ea pili pa’a pono
Ke kohola kanu o ke kai

O Palauea pili i ka lani
E ola mau na keiki o ke kai
E ola mau na kaiki o ka ‘aina
O Palauea ihu wale no
Palauea is a sacred place
Rich in the things of the sea
(we are all made of water)
The long wait sealed sacredly
(being acknowledged - the history told)
Righteous thoughts of the land/district

Marching with Alapa’inui
Truth is a gift (from this place)
Marching on with Alapa’inui
Listen to the voice

Palauea my beautiful home
Where the fish jump in the sea
Where the honu ea (Hawaiian
hawksbill turtle*) is one with land
And the whales call in the sea (ola, ola,
ola/holy, holy, holy)

Palauea is close to the heavens
Giving life forever to the children of the sea
Giving life forever to the children of the land
Palauea sacredly we greet you

Palauea is a gift song for the special place being threatened by development - "Palauea." This place was special to Alapa’inui - chief of Hawai’i who would sail across to visit his sister Kalola - wife of Kahekili. Palauea is where they would meet. The song is a testament to the memories of the past whose essence lingers till today.

*Symbol of the Hawaiian people who, like the hawksbill turtle, struggle to maintain their inheritance and life essence in these islands.