“'O ka wai leo mopua ka'u e ho'olono nei . . . E 'ale, e kumoho, e hu aukahi.” I hear the sweetly voiced water . . . Let it ripple, let it rise, let it flow.

-- Cody PUEO Pata

  • Twelve mele (songs), including four original compositions, plus opening and closing oli (chants/prayers). Rich, distinctive vocals with potent arrangements provide the heart of this remarkable CD.

  • E Ho'i Na Wai is the eagerly awaited debut CD from a young, dynamic and talented Maui entertainer. Word on the street is: Watch out for this one!

  • Vocals are supported by tasty musical instrumentation, including Dwight Tokumoto’s steel guitar, Jake Rohrer’s sweet slack-key styling, and the use of traditional hula implements.

  • Handsome 10-panel booklet features the photography of Randy Jay Braun.

  • Impeccable research and use of the Hawaiian language have won kudos from Manu Boyd of the Office of Hawaiian Affairs and the group Ho'okena. The kaona (hidden meaning) of Pueo’s original compositions will delight native speakers and other composers.

  • The water metaphors throughout the recording and graphics reinforce the thought that there is no stopping the rush of talent and future recording projects that will flow from Pueo!
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   “E Ho'i Na Wai” – the songs:
Download Lyric Book (.pdf)

  1. He Wehi Ao No Kaua‘ula
    Pueo’s rich voice and uliuli accompaniment in this original chant herald the start of the CD’s remarkable musical journey.

  2. ‘Imo Ku‘u Hoku Lani
    A fresh approach to a traditional mele, waltz-time with a building vocal arrangement that sets the stage for things to come.

  3. Kaihekulani
    An original mele that showcases Pueo’s outstanding talent as a songwriter and falsetto stylist. It is a gift song in the finest Hawaiian tradition.

  4. Lei of Love –
    The single English-lyric song on the CD, it evokes the romance and feel of Waikiki of an earlier era.

  5. Holei –
    A stirring rendition of a chant first put to music by Hui 'Ohana, it exemplifies what is meant by ?chicken skin.?

  6. ‘Iniki Maile
    This traditional song and rousing vocal arrangement gives listeners a tour of central Maui by describing the winds of each area.

  7. Ku‘u Pana Pu‘uwai (The Beating of My Heart)
    The second original mele, exquisitely crafted, heartfelt and moving.

  8. Ka Piko O Ka Halawai
    A unique and powerful original mele that modulates between three keys with a vocal chorus that sends shivers down the spine. Beautiful light touches of steel guitar accent the emotional buildup.

  9. He Aloha Ku‘u Ipo
    An enchanting love song in the incomparable Maddy Lam/Mary K. Pukui tradition. Beautiful steel guitar enhances its romantic feel.

  10. ‘Ula Noweo
    Rousing rendition of a traditional favorite that evokes the feel of the Kodak Hula Show during its heyday at Waikiki. Fast-paced and spirited with a superb, driving steel guitar by Dwight Tokumoto and spine-tingling vocal harmonies by Pueo; guaranteed to get you out of your chair to learn the hula!

  11. Moanalua
    Superb falsetto styling in this unusual rendering of an old favorite; a musical duet with just ukulele and upright bass supporting Pueo’s trademark vocal and harmony arrangement.

  12. Ka Wai Mukiki
    Modulates from pahu-driven chant to softer mele and back, accented by some of the most compelling chant voices on Maui; both wonderful and mysterious.

  13. Ka Hanu O Ka Palai
    A Pueo original with lovely accompanying slack-key by his co-producer Jake Rohrer; the mele is is poignant and flowing, leaving no doubt that the world of Hawaiian music is blessed with a tremendously talented new face who is just getting started.

  14. E Ho‘i Na Wai –
    Pueo closes with another original chant that leaves us anticipating the next Pueo CD that will surely flow with the returning waters.

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