A 17 song compilation from Maui and Hawai'i Island women who share "their" Hawai'i in the songs they were inspired to write or perform. The impact of each song is magnified as it is interpreted thru the eye of artist Lori Higgins, who presents a tour-de-force of her signature, Hawai'i inspired art. You might fall in love with every one of these women; you will surely fall in love with Hawai'i.

See the beauty, hear the spirit... feel the power of WAHINE

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The songs and performers:

  1. Puka Mai Ka La I Kumukahi
    (Pi'ilani Ka'awaloa)
    A chant to greet the rising sun at Kumukahi.

  2. On Golden Sand
    A new wedding song that invokes the beauty and romance of Maui's southern shores. 

  3. Ua Lilinoe
    (Lei'ohu Ryder)
    Lilinoe is the misty rain goddess of Haleakala, the mountain on whose slopes Lei'ohu lives.

  4. Astrology
    (Kahala Mossman-Smith)
    A visit to a fortune teller in Pa'ia gave Kahala these words of affirmation and the inspiration for this song.

  5. Ku'u Manu 'O'o
    (Pamela Polland)
    Inspired by the poignant call of the last Manu 'O'o in existence before its tragic extinction, the song is written from that bird's perspective, calling to a lover that no longer exists. The actual recording of the last Manu 'O'o's call is incorporated into the song.

  6. Shores of Hale'iwa
    (Hula Honeys)
    A trip to O'ahu's north shore and the charming town of Hale'iwa is a fond childhood memory for Robyn and Ginger.

  7. Kauoha Mai
    (Laurie Rohrer)
    A perfect expression of a woman's indignation at being treated callously. A "tita" chorus provides commentary as the story unfolds.

  8. Blue Paradise    
    Joni had the blues because surf conditions were junk, so she stayed at home and wrote this clever song with a bossa nova tempo.
  9. Pua Pakalana
    (Emma Veary & Robyn Kneubuhl)
    Robyn wrote this song for her grandmother, Nana Veary, and it's become a favorite of Robyn's mother, Emma.

  10. Aloha No O Waitapu
    (Lei'ohu Ryder)
    Lei'ohu wrote this song for her brother while he was stationed in Iraq. It calls him back to his home and family.

  11. Swamp Melody
    (Born on the Bayou/The Old Man Down the Road/Susie Q - Ahumanu)
    A fun, just-because number for those who loved and remember CCR; the swamp will never be the same!

  12. Pohaku Kaulana
    (Pamela Polland)
    Pamela pays tribute to the healing stones of Wahiawa, their former glory diminished but not forgotten.

  13. Holei
    (Pi'ilani Ka'awaloa)
    Based on a chant from the Pele legend, this song speaks of Pi'ilani's ancestral home, Kalapana, on Hawai'i Island.

  14. Dolphin Song
    (Ginni Clemmons)
    This song commemorates the day the dolphins surrounded Ginni's kayak and brought back music to her soul.

  15. Pupu Hinuhinu
    (Hula Honeys)
    A sweet, soothing lullaby that both Ginger and Robyn often sang to their babies.

  16. 'Iao Valley Suite
    (Ayin Adams)
    A transplant from Brooklyn, Ayin found peace, wisdom and inspiration for her spoken word in Maui's sacred 'Iao Valley.

  17. Aloha 'Oe
    (Laurie Rohrer)
    Childhood memories and a fond farewell from the women of Wahine end our musical journey.